Cookie Usage Policy

This is our cookie usage policy.

General Information

If you do not know what cookies are this might help. When you here of cookies you often think of a small sweet cake, that is typically round, flat, and crisp, but in the world of computers, they are used to improve your experience on our website. Generally websites use 2 types of cookies called:- "Session Cookies" and "Persistent Cookies". These small files, when used correctly, are very useful things, but as with any data systems, they can have a dark side to them. As a result an EU Privacy Directive that came into effect in 2012 that requires all EU websites to say why Cookies are being used and for what propose. Mostly cookies are used for remembering whether you've visited the website before, keeping you logged in or to help the website owners, in this case ourselves, to work out how many new website visitors we get each month!

Who are we?

When we say 'our' and 'ourselves', we mean any website or mobile application operated by or on behalf of PBT Media Relations Ltd and/or PCBT Photography. It also applies to all our subsidiaries and affiliates, regardless of how you access our website network.

What do cookies do on here?

Our websites do require cookies to be enabled to work properly in places. The Cookies that are used are mostly session cookies. These cookies are only active until the browser you are using is closed. When you close your browser the session cookies get deleted. These files are used by us to keep you logged on to all functions. We also use them to track page hits and length of time accessing pages. They do contain information about the movement on our site, but don't include personal information about you. They are also only accessible via your browser and do not transmit any information like your name, for instance to us.

The other type of cookie used by us are persistent cookies. These are cookies that are written 'permanently' on user machine and lasts for months or years. But please note you can easily remove them by cleaning your cookies in your browser. The word 'permanent' is in fact misleading as they are not really 'permanent' as they can easily be removed. As a rule we recommended people should clean cookies off regularly from your computer(s). These 'permanent' cookies on our site are used mainly by application from 3rd parties, like: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube. These site use cookies at your request to help improve your online experience and do not affect the running of our website or services if they are blocked. Others users that use persistent cookies and also session cookies are advertisers. This use of cookies lets them track transactions for sale that originated from our website. These main users are Bidvertiser, 888 and also Commission Junction (CJ). We also use Paypal, who use cookies to pass on information about your order, so you can buy and pay for services provided from ourselves, should you wish too.

Please take note that we will collect information automatically when you visit our website, using cookies. You can always choose not to allow cookies from our websites via changing the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance of them. We can't guarantee, should you do this, that your experience will be as good as if you do allow cookies and some parts of our services might not work!

Acceptance of use of Cookies

This Cookie Policy applies to our Website Terms and Conditions (T&C) and use any of our websites falls under those T&C. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, then do not use our websites!

Our systems also use other forms of monitoring that are not saved on your computer, but again this information collected by does not personally identify you. This information includes general information about your computer's browser, your IP and what files your IP have accessed.