About UK Press Photography

This section will explain what and who we are...


Who are we and what are we?

UK Press Photography is a collection of UK based freelance photographers, backed by PBT Media Relations Ltd.

UK Press Photography will be developed into an online publication, which will highlight the images taken by UK based freelance photographers, on VAMPHire.com.


Since the 1990’s our founder, Patrick Trollope, has been running PCBT Photography. Over the years it has developed the UK's first fully recognised online only newspaper, Southport Reporter, it has covered major events like the Commonwealth Games, for international media groups and more. It also started to develop PR contracts and expand into publishing, video and film. As a result, they formed PBT Media Relations Ltd. to incorporate better all the sections of the media and arts industries they work in.  

Their experiences developing have highlighted a need to help and support small media groups, as well as freelances and as a result they set up the website VAMPHire.com. Sadly the name might get attention, but it's not always appropriate, so it was decided to also go by the title UK Press Photography, for the UK market.